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    javax.transaction.xa.XAException - XAER_OUTSIDE

    Lars Olsson Newbie

      I am getting a javax.transaction.xa.XAException in an MDB
      that appends messages to a JMS queue. The MDB acquires
      its queue and queue connection in ejbCreate() and holds
      on to them. In onMessage() it creates a queue session,
      a queue sender, it sends data via the queue sender,
      and it then closes the queue sender and the queue session
      before onMessage() terminates.

      This works most of the time but every now and then
      (when the load is heavy) the call to close the queue
      session leads to a javax.transaction.xa.XAException.

      The error code for the XAException is XAER_OUTSIDE

      The MDB uses container managed transactions.

      What kind of mistakes lead to exceptions such as
      this one?

      I am using JBoss 2.4.3 on Red Hat Linux 6.2.