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    Runtime specified durable subscriber for MDB

    geoff webb Newbie

      Hi, just wandering if anyone knows of a way one might be able to specify user/password/id for a durable subscription of an MDB Topic Listener at runtime?

      Another way of putting it: Is there a way to 'programatically' deploy MDBs at runtime (w/out using jboss.xml etc)?

      Basically I want one codebase to be able to run on multiple machines so the user/password etc will be machine specific but preferably, the deployment descriptor/app jar will be site specific?

      Any thoughts, ideas, pointers?



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          Peter Antman Expert

          Not that I know if. But then again, the source is there, and you might find a way by learning how the JBoss container system works.


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            Mark Pollack Newbie

            Hi, I guess I am rephrasing the original question, is there currently a way in which the ejb container can be dynamically reconfigured to add a new destination topic at runtime for a mdb? This is a very important feature for me, my current MOM server creates new client specific topic subscriptions as new clients log on into the system at run time. (Same question for destroying subscriptions) This helps in scalability as I can have various server instances listen only for particular clients. I would like this filtering to occur at the subscription level at not at the message content level using a message filter.

            I would need this feature in order to port my existing MOM server to an ejb environment. It seems very limiting to restrict the subscription list at server start up time.

            I saw the docs on how to add a new subscription using 'plain' JBossMQ via an MBean, but I think that was outside the context of a MDB.

            I could look into the jboss container implementation but is this something addressed in the ejb spec or is it a grey implementation area.

            Any help is greatly appreciated.

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              Peter Antman Expert

              MDB follows the spec, no more no less. As I said - it might be doable if you learn the JBoss container architecture.