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    Poor performance and stability problmes.

    Pouria Loghmani Newbie

      I'm involved in a performance test of JBoss 2.4.3 and JMS and I just can't get it to work properly. I'm using the test harness discussed in the Java Developers Journal (volume 6 issue 3). What it basicly does is to create a number of publishers and a number of subscribers in different threads. The publishers post messages to 5 different topics as fast as they can and the subscribers simply subscribe to theese 5 topics.

      The problem is that I'm getting very poor performance out of this configuration and the server keeps running out of memory and/or throwing alot of exceptions.

      I've eaven slowed down the publishing rate to 50 msgs per second and it still manages to crash.

      If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I whould be enormously thankfull.