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    General JBoss & MQ questions

    Eric Anderson Newbie

      My company is looking at using a JMS approach for sending a high volume of fairly large (500k-1M) messages . One of the requirements is security - either the data should be encrypted, preferably by the JMS provider, or the transport used by the JMS subsystem should be encrypted (using TLS perhaps).

      I would really like to use JBoss and mbeans as the framework for this app. As background info, SonicMQ has come up as a strong candidate for the JMS implementation. My questions are:
      1) Does anyone have a feel for what kind of performance we might see from JBossMQ given the messages sizes. Is JBossMQ (or any JMS implementation really) a good approach for such sizeable messages?
      2) Does JBossMQ provide for any kind of secure (i.e encrypted) message transport?
      3) Would it be possible to integrate SonicMQ, or any other 'big name' JMS implementation, into JBoss to the extent that we can write mbeans that work with the two?