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    Newbie: Can't get messaging examples to build via Ant

    Kevin Knox Newbie

      Sorry for the simplistic question, but I really want to get into this JMS stuff, and I can't even get the examples to run.

      My JBoss installation is at d:\Jboss, and I have set my env var %JBOSS_DIST% = d:\Jboss. "echo %JBOSS_DIST%" works correctly.

      When I type ant -v build from the proper directory I get:

      "Property ${jboss.dist} has not been set" 18 times
      "Property ${src.dir} has not been set" 1 time
      "Property ${servlet.jar} has not been set" 1 time
      "Property ${classpath} has not been set" 1 time

      This is what I would anticipate, since I don't see anywhere in the build.xml that these properties are set.

      Is there something about Ant that I don't understand that should auto-populate these properties?
      Should I be able to find documentation somewhere that tells me to what I should set these properties?

      I have to be believe that this file is working well for someone out there. What am I doing wrong?