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    MQ Fix for 64kb text size

    Manie Coetzee Newbie


      I found a message on the forum that indicated
      in order to fix the bug in MQ I must check out
      the 2.4 branch from CVS and overwrite the
      SpyTextMessage.java with the latest one in CVS.

      First of all when I try to check it out using the
      "Branch_2_4" tag, there is a couple of conflicts
      I assume with the newest sources. I did a clean checkout. Is there a way how I get the 2.4.1

      I have the 2.4.3 sources, but I get a compile error
      ('header' variable) when the SpyTextMessage.java
      is overwritten with the newest file.

      Is there a solution to the problem. In a nutshell:
      I want to run JBoss 2.4.1 or 2.4.3 and use Queues
      with text messages larger than 64. What is the
      best way to accomplish this?

      Manie Coetzee