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    reRender from h:commandLink not working

    Terry Apprentice

      I have h:commandLink with target="_blank" and a4j:support in it to reRender section of page - but it doesn't work.

      the page opened in new window displays results as expected.

      <h:form id="paymentReminderLetter" styleClass="edit">
      <h:commandLink value="Generate Letter" action="#{paymentReminderLetter.generateLetter}"
      target="_blank" type="submit" onclick="return validateForm(document.paymentReminderLetter);">
      <a4j:support event="onclick" reRender="paymentReminderSearchResultMessage"/>
       <a4j:outputPanel id="paymentReminderSearchResultMessage">
       <h:outputText rendered="#{(paymentReminderLetter.executeSearch) and (empty paymentReminderLetter.paymentReminderLetterList)}">
       No declard but unpaid applicants exist within specified criteria.