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    Dynamic Queue Creation from Client in JBossMQ?

    John Baker Newbie

      I am porting an application to JBoss from another appserver to jboss. The EJB stuff is done and works fine. However, I have now hit upon a JMS problem as I need to create queues dynamically from clients that other clients can access in order to determine who is logged in and send messages, commands etc. The previous JMS implementation I was using created a queue and bound it to the naming service if it did not already exist. JBossMQ just tells me it does not exist! How can I remotely create a queue? Is there some admin object I can look up and invoke? In this application the JMS is used as a kind of point to point distributed event system. This is only really possible with remote (non-durable) queue creation.

      If there is not an easy way to do this currently, could I create an MBean that will interact with the JBossMQ API to do this on behalf of the client. I could easily abtract out the creation stuff in the client code.