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    Problems creating Destinations

    Eickstaedt Newbie


      I tried to use JMS on JBoss and wasn't able to get it running.
      [JBoss-2.2.2 no Tomcat]
      First of all I added an entry to jboss.jsml to start the JMSServer,
      as I wanted to use the newQueue Method of this MBean.

      I kept the foloowing line in there as well.

      <!-- For Message Driven Beans -->


      When I try to call the newTopic/newQueue Method on the JMSServer
      Bean, I am getting an Error indicating that the topic context is not
      set in JNDI. Which is true :-( I wasnÄt able to see it in JNDView.

      So what am I missing regarding the configuration of JMS in JBoss.
      PS: We do have JBoss in an Production environment, so moving to 2.4.x
      is not an option for the next 2-3 months.

      Thxs in advance