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    Durable Subscribers Question?

    John Baker Newbie

      My Durable message subscribers must be the same as my EJB users. These are managed for the EJB container using a JAAS login module mapped to a JDBC table as they must be updated dynamically by the application admin tools and cannot be predefined in a config file.

      How do I configure the JBossMQ user authentication (for durable subscribers) to point to the same user authentication service as my EJBs?

      Without this it is really impossible to use Durable subscribers in my application and they are absolutely necessary under some cirsumstances. I cannot find a reference to this in the manual.

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          Todd Newbie

          I second that. It doesn't seem right to have to maintain JAAS user/password combos and then matching jbossmq user/password combinations...

          I also don't know if it's possible to consolidate the two but if there's a way I'd like to know. I bought the JBoss manual but it doesn't address this issue.