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    Problem with Request and Reply

    Brian Lichtenwalter Newbie

      I have a client sending a request to a Queue MDB and the Queue MDB replying back to the client. I set the client queue message JMSReplyTo field to a temporary queue, the Queue MDB creates a queue sender w/ the JMSReplyTo field and also sets the JMSCorrelationID. Just your basic Request and Reply. The problem I have is that this works locally, but not remotely. The remote client never receives the reply from the Queue MDB. The Queue MDB appears to know about the remote client, when using the 'ConnectionFactory' connection factory there's a hint of something going on, here's some debug output...

      [Default] MyQueueMDB.ejbCreate
      [Default] MyQueueMDB CONNECT MyTopic
      [Default] QUEUE MDB
      [Default] QUEUE.JMS_TQ1
      [Default] ID3-10066337471281
      [OILClientIL] ConnectionReceiverOILClient is connecting to:

      Other ConnectionFactories do not work and do not produce any output. My Request and Reply code works for me in the Sun RI, j2sdkee1.3. So I'm guessing it's either a config issue or a bug. Any clues?