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    get jboss version within an MDB/EJB

    Thorsten Moeller Newbie


      is there any possibility to find out the jboss version within an MDB/EJB. The reason is to do the right lookup for the QueueConnectionFactory.

      on JBoss < 2.4 it must be done this way:

      QueueConnectionFactory queueFactory = QueueConnectionFactory) context.lookup("QueueConnectionFactory");

      whereas on JBoss > 2.4.1 it looks like this:

      QueueConnectionFactory queueFactory = (QueueConnectionFactory)context.lookup("XAConnectionFactory");


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          Peter Antman Expert

          Hi, don't look up the XA versions of the connection factories, they are for app server usage ( or really advanced users).

          As for checking whats available you could allways go through a try-catch sequence in lookup (but I think there is a system property also that says what version it is, start the server with DEBUG on and it usually spits out all the system properties at the beginning.