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    TopicConnectionFactory in JBoss 3.0

    Terry Ray Newbie

      To what JNDI entry is the TopicConnectionFactory bound in 3.0?

      On my 2.4.3 instance, I can do factory and topic lookups no problem:

      TopicConnectionFactory topicConnectionFactory =
      (TopicConnectionFactory)jndiContext.lookup ("TopicConnectionFactory");

      Topic topic = (Topic) jndiContext.lookup("topic/testTopic");

      When I try this on 3.0, I get a NameNotFoundException saying TopicConnectionFactory is not bound. I can do EJB lookups with the same initial context just not the TopicConnectionFactory. Also, this app is a stand alone client, not a servlet or EJB.

      Is this implemented differently in 3.0? Or not yet implemented in 3.0? Thanks.