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    large queue problems

    Todd Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have a simple queue set up. A QDAO publishes to a queue and then a MDB receives it and continues on.
      This all works fine except I have two (I think) related problems.
      Essentially both memory and my queue size just continue to grow and grow. This quite quickly causes everything to die.

      I am using jboss 2.4.3 with tomcat 3.2.3.

      I have looked around the forums/mailing lists and tried most of the configurations I found.

      Currently I have: ejb-jar.xml

      ... and




      And in the MDB

      public void onMessage(Message message)
      String docMessage = message.toString();
      catch(Exception e)

      I have also tried a message.acknowledge() in the bean.

      This problem is causing me all sorts of head-aches. Anybody able to help?

      Thanks, Todd.

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          Todd Newbie

          Sorry thats



          Everything works okay except for the memory and queue size. I figure the messages are not being acknowledged even though they are being received okay

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            Todd Newbie

            Sorry to bug, but can anyone help with this? It's being a big problem for me (and others too judging by the forums/mailing lists).

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              Todd Newbie

              I made the change from rollinglogged to file as my persistance manager. I also upgraded to 2.4.4 (jboss)
              This seems to have fixed my problems for me. Memory is now okay and there is no growing queue.

              However, going through the docs, it seems rollinglogged is the one I want to be using. When I switch back I still get the log seemingly growing without bound even though no messages fail.

              Any ideas now?

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                reji Newbie


                I too am encountering a similar problem as the one you had posted in the
                jboss forumn.
                I am using a topic instead of a queue, it works fine but as the number of
                messages increase,
                the JMS stops publishing to the MDB and i seem to lose the messages. The
                memory utilzation also is pretty high. I am currently using
                JBoss-2.4.3_Tomcat-3.2.3 as my server.

                Did you get any workarounds for this , will it help if i switch to JBOSS

                Sorry for the trouble......


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                  Dmitri Colebatch Newbie

                  Did either of you guys get around this?

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                    Jay Wright Newbie

                    How did you change your persistence management for the queue? I am using 2.4.4 and trying to turn it off altogether, but haven't had any luck identifying where I would change this.