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    Newbie: Problems using JDBC Persistance Manager

    Brian Dobby Newbie

      I'm trying to use the JDBC Persistence Manager for JBossMQ with JBoss 2.4.3. I configured the PM JmsDBPoolName to point to a datasource, but when I started JBoss the PM failed during initialisation because the datasource was not yet bound to JNDI. The datasource isn't bound until the datasource is *started*.

      Does anyone know how this is supposed to work?


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          Corby Page Newbie

          The problem is supposedly fixed in 3.0, but you will probably need to implement an ugly workaround hack on the 2.4.x releases.

          Here's a sample hack: Create your own MBean, call it PostStartupMBean, and put it at the end of your jboss.jcml file. Implement the startService() method for this bean, and have it make two HTTP requests to localhost. The first should initialize your JDBC Persistence Manager, the second should start it. Everything should work now since this won't execute until your datasources have been started.