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    Accessing remote queues from jms client

    Keith Newbie

      I an a newbie, and I have gone through all the mailing archives and manuals, but don't seem to be able to find the anwsers to my questions. So, pardon me if these questions are obvious.
      I am planning to write a standalone JMS client accessing some EJBs on a local JBoss server running JBossMQ, and the same time, the client would need to access a remote queue on another JBoss server. Is it possible to configure the local JBoss to show the remote queue in its JNDI as if it is a queue on the local server from the JMS client point of view?
      Looking through the posts in this forum, it seems quite straight forward for a MDB. The remote server address is set in the jboss.xml file. How can I have the same effect for a JMS client?
      Also, in terms of recovery, how will it fair? For instance, I want messages to be persisted so that when the remote JMS server is disconnected, the JMS client can continue to send messages which are queued and persisted. When the remote server comes back up, these messages will be propagated to the remote JBoss server queue.
      Is this set up possible with the current builtin feature of JBossMQ? If not, what should be done to achieve that?

      Thanks in advance!