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    a problem - JMS can solve it ???????????

    Aqil Newbie

      the problem is :
      i've a jboss/tomcat application(application is about recording/tracking complains) running on NT - TERMINAL SERVICES server with dumb clients(about 15).Now when the people sitting on clients start searching (for any user who previously recorded the complain) and if many clients start searching at the same time then the termial server start getting hang-up(resource shoot-up to 90%) if i see the processes in task manager , i see the browser process(which was being used for search by the clients) taking tooooo much resources where as the server(jboss/tomcat) is normal.now all that i'm thinking about it is that , when many clients(browsers) start searching and wait for the result then as a result of it , the above situation happens , may be i'm wrong Now the solution that comes to my mind is that , if i use JMS/messageing and treat all the search requests asynchronously then this problem can be avoided.Plz help me to identify if JMS/messaging can solve this problem ?
      NT - TERMINAL SERVICES server=this is something like a huge PC and just like old main-frame where all the application were installed on one main server and dumb terminals can access those applications through it(for those who have not come across NT - TERMINAL SERVICES)

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          ppetit Newbie

          ouf !

          curious architecture here !
          So I'll try to help you... No garanty ;))))
          I resume :
          browsers processes take huge resources on the Terminal Server, and JBoss/Tomcat is sleeepy ? Right ?
          So it means :
          1 - the browsers have posted there requests to your HTTP server, so they should be waiting to the answers and so wouldn't take resources.
          2 - JBoss doesn't take anormal resources... so asynchronous process won' help to do.. nothing !
          perhaps there's misconfiguration of thread numbers of IE to allow lot of parallel clients and they are switching context on the Terminal Server indefinitly... or perhaps buggy version of IE...

          your browsers are CPU bound in the way they are configured.
          you can improve through asynchronicity when the application server is itself overloaded