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    JMS Reconnection Problem

    Keith Newbie

      I have implmemented a MDB which forwards a message from a local queue to another remote queue. Everything works fine until I shut down the remote JBoss server (hence the remote queue). Now, when a message is present in the local queue, the local MDB picks it up and tries to forward it to the remote queue. Since, the remote queue is done, it tries to resend it over and over again. Is there any control over how often it should retry? Then, when I bring up the remote JBoss server (hence the remote queue), the delivery of these mesages through the retries continue to fail. It looks like the local JBoss server is not re-establishing connecting to the remote JBoss server once the connection to the remote server is broken. The only way the the retries become successful is when I restart the local JBoss server while the remote Jboss server is up.

      It is a known problem or am I doing something incorrectly?