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    MDB deploy fails, tricky JMSContainerInvoker

    Gary Struthers Newbie

      I need to support WebLogic and JBoss. My MDB works in WebLogic but I need help deploying in JBoss. In ch 4 of the JBoss book the example deployment descriptors show a QueueConnectionFactory tag but not in the ch 11 examples. I want to use the same ejb-jar.xml file for both WebLogic and JBoss so I don't specify QueueConnectionFactory because I don't need to in WL.

      My deployment fails in JMSContainerInvoker.start() with a NPE . In the source it fails in the ExceptionListenerImpl constructor, an inner class that looks like this:
      JMSContainerInvoker invoker;
      ExceptionListenerImpl(final JMSContainerInvoker invoker)
      this.invoker = invoker;
      I have 3 questions; What does a JBoss MDB descriptor need that WL doesn't, What is supposed to happen in this constructor, Why is the constructor argument final?
      OK, now I have another question, why isn't it easier to port WebLogic to JBoss? I'd have more enthusiasm for JBoss if it ran my WL app before I have to write MBeans.