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    Help needed. simple application usin' JBossMQ

    Andres Gonzalez Newbie

      I'd like to have just 2 simple classes... one (the producer) sending messages via JBossMQ. The other class (the consumer) should have a 'listener', and as soon as it consumes the message it will perform a different operation (either send the message just received using JavaMail or via SMS message).. Is JBossMQ going to help me to achieve this? Should I download JBoss instead so I can use session or entity beans and all that stuff?

      Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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          Sebastian Hallensleben Newbie

          Yep, JBossMQ (or in fact any JMS-compliant message broker) allows you to do it.

          You can either download JBossMQ as a stand-alone, or the whole of JBoss (includes JBossMQ). The latter may be better since you are bound to want to play with EJB's at some point.

          On the other hand, to play with JMS you do not need to create any EJB's. Documentation-wise the JBoss manual is a good starting point. For full EJB details, the best (IMHO) book is Ed Roman: Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans (make sure you get the 2002 edition).

          Good luck