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    non-spec-compliant behavior?

    Barnaby Morris Newbie

      I am using JBoss 2.4.4 to host an MDB that acts as an echo service. I also have a client that sends messages to the echo service and waits a certain amount of time for a response. The responses are received in a temporary queue that the client sets up for itself. I have seen (what I think is) broken behavior when the client and temporary queue have stopped existing and the MDB is trying to send a response. There are 2 different scenarios and neither seems spec compliant.

      1) The client has timed out and exited before the service replies, but JBoss has been running the whole time. The service successfully sends and the message disappears into a black hole. It does not end up in the DLQ and there is no exception thrown.

      2) The echo service was unavailable when the client sent to the services queue. JBoss is restarted (which seems to make JBoss realize that the temp queue doesn't exist anymore). The echo service is started. It receives the message, tries to send a reply, and a JMSException is thrown. An InvalidDestinationException (which extends JMSException) should be thrown instead.

      Any thoughts? Are my observations wrong?

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          Hiram Chirino Expert

          1) does not prove we are not spec compliant. The reply to the temp queue could have been compleated before the message as delivered to the client. Therefore the echo service does not get an error message. The message disappears because it is sitting in a temporary queue, and the client connection has terminated. The temporary queue disappears.

          2) Sound right, submit a bug report to sf.net/projects/jboss so that we don't forget to fix this.