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    Messages  from the topic are not retrieved

    Olga Agady Newbie


      I am using JMS publisher for a few topics on JBOSS and my client is subscribed for those topics. Messages from most topics are coming fine. However with one topic I have a problem: the server sends 1793 messages to this topic (I traced that on the server side, messages are sent fine), but the client get different number of messages every time when I run the application. Looks like at a certain point messages stop getting retrieved from the topic. How can I found out what is happening on the server between the server sent the message and the client got it? Why it is happening only with one topic and the others work fine? Can it happen because this topic has a very big number of messages?

      Please if anyone has similar problem or knows how I can trace messages between the time they are sent and time they are recieved, help me.