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    JBossMQ 3.0 stability

    Peter Antman Expert

      I am doing stability tests on the latest JBossMQ (cvs HEAD) to verrify (and fix if necessarry) that it is fully production worthy when it commes to stability.

      If any of you have experienced stability problem with the cvs head version (3.0) of JBossMQ please could you report here so I could include this in my test.

      Observe: do not report stability problems with the 2.4.x version. To much have changed to make that a workable path. What would be really good is if you could test any code you have had problems with regarding 2.4.x against the JBossMQ 3.0, and report if problems still persist.

      Please also observe that I have full confidence with the cvs version when it commes to all types of connection problems wich is so often reported on the list (they are in at leaat 9 out of 10 cases the result of bad client configurations and setups).

      So, I you have anything to report that can make the stability of the main trunk of JBossMQ better, please contribute.

      ( I can already say that the stability is MUCH inproved in 3.0, and that if I can satisfying results I will probably backpatch 3.0 to the 2.4.x line).


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          Raj Saini Newbie

          I dont thing as long as the Jbossmq is considered. I have posted my messages related to the memory consumpion of the Jbossmq.

          It is not even possible to run Jbossmq for few hours for a serious production application with 10 message per second. I am using the Jboss 3.0 RC1 which suppose to be better then old cvs versions.


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            Hiram Chirino Expert

            We have just fixed a memory leak that was occuring when topics were used with message selectors.

            If you were doing the above, I would recomed testing out the latest CVS copy or waiting for JBoss 3.0 RC2


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              Raj Saini Newbie

              Thanks, I was using the message selector before, but this problem is without using message selctors.

              Now I am using the standalone JbossMQ. I have conducted few tests. I have JbossMQ running as stnadalone. I have deployed one MDB on Jboss 3.0 RC1. I have run a message sender which sends the messages in a loop to the standalone JbossMQ. MDB consumes the messages as they arrives.

              When I run a another standlone client as message consumner, the message consuption throwput drops suddenly. And this is the exact problem I am facing. The speed of the messages consumption is not matched with the speed of message posting on topic. And as the number of consumers increases the speed goes more and more down and messages stays in the memory or persisted on the harddisk when highMemoryMark is reached.

              I am trying to use the JbossMQ for a production environment. I can spend considerable time if you let me know about some design documents of the JbossMQ.

              However, I will try the cvs version of the JbossMQ now.



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                Raj Saini Newbie

                How can I get the latest cvs copy of JbossMQ. I have checked out a jbossmq module from the sourceforge. Is that the latest cvs copy?

                I am also facing problems compiling the cvs copy.

                First it does not compile with the Jdk 1.4
                secondly there is some problem with the build as it does not run out of the box. Do I need some external libraries? Or there is all in the cvs copy?

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                  Hiram Chirino Expert

                  do a :
                  cvs co jboss-all
                  cd jboss-all/build

                  The standalone version has not been updated in quite some time and it is possible it has problems.


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                    NanthaCoumarane Nadarajan Newbie

                    Does the standalone version has fix for cache problem now?
                    Please help me by providing details for the cache problem.


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                      Chad Stone Newbie

                      This memory leak is still not fixed as of 3.0.3. Any clue as to when it will make it in? This is a critical issue.

                      See also thread http://www.jboss.org/modules/bb/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=forums/

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                        Chad Stone Newbie

                        I can confirm that I am no longer encountering this memory leak problem in JBoss 3.0.4.

                        Excellent work on pushing this fix out!!