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    JBossMQ 3.0 stability

    Peter Antman Expert

      I am doing stability tests on the latest JBossMQ (cvs HEAD) to verrify (and fix if necessarry) that it is fully production worthy when it commes to stability.

      If any of you have experienced stability problem with the cvs head version (3.0) of JBossMQ please could you report here so I could include this in my test.

      Observe: do not report stability problems with the 2.4.x version. To much have changed to make that a workable path. What would be really good is if you could test any code you have had problems with regarding 2.4.x against the JBossMQ 3.0, and report if problems still persist.

      Please also observe that I have full confidence with the cvs version when it commes to all types of connection problems wich is so often reported on the list (they are in at leaat 9 out of 10 cases the result of bad client configurations and setups).

      So, I you have anything to report that can make the stability of the main trunk of JBossMQ better, please contribute.

      ( I can already say that the stability is MUCH inproved in 3.0, and that if I can satisfying results I will probably backpatch 3.0 to the 2.4.x line).