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    referencing remote topic/queue from jboss.xml

    Keith Newbie

      In the example for JMS, it showed that to reference a remote topic/queue, the hostname, port and topic have to be specified in the res-jndi-name tag. I wonder why I have to hardcode the hostname and port number twice: once in jboss.jmcl for the setting of RemoteJmsXA and again in the jboss.xml? Is that counterproductive and make package less portable? Any suggestion?



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          Peter Antman Expert

          Well you are free to contribute a better solution.

          The basic reason is that you have to do two lookups to setup a workable JMS producer. One of the MUST be governed by a resource adapter to make it the stuff transacted, the other has actuallt nothing at all to do with the resource adapter.

          But as allways, it is probably possible to come up with a solution that binds in remote destination in the resource adapter, but to mee that was overkill.