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    [BasicQueue] Restoring message

    Olga Agady Newbie


      My EJB on JBOSS-2.4.3 sends a LOT of messages to the client. The client gets only the first portion of them. Every time the number of the messages to come to the client is different. In the server.log I get the line:

      [BasicQueue] Restoring message: ID14-101434816665750
      (or any other message ID).

      After the message with this ID is restored and forwarded to the client, the rest of the messages in the queue stop being forwarded. When I restart JBOSS, my client gets the rest of the messages from the queue, but I don't need them after restrating the server. Does anyone knows how I can tell the server not to stop forwarding messages after restoring failed message (I suspect that something failed if it has to be restored)?

      Thsnks very much