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    non-LAN JMS

    Duncan Cragg Newbie

      Following my question earlier about HTTP tunnelling, I can see why I got no response: JBossMQ is simply meant for peer processes on a single LAN subnet - and localhost is ideal!!

      I hope I have this wrong, but I don't think so!

      Three points:

      + java.naming.provider.url=remotehost:1099 needs to be set to get you going - fine.
      + java.rmi.server.hostname=remotehost to get the 1099 port to return a good IP if you have multiple net interfaces - fine. Can set rmiPort too, if you want.
      + In JMS: OIL has to have the bindAddress set before things get going: it doesn't seem to work setting it late in the port 8082 management pages - not fine (code change)! Again, only if you have multiple net interfaces and the first one looked-up is the wrong one.
      + The killer: ping-pong! JMS goes back from port 8090 to the arbitrary port on your machine when starting work (e.g., subscribe to Topic). Even without NAT port-mapping problems, not many firewalls will allow this.

      OK - someone tell me I'm wrong and WAN JMS is actually a possibility. Then we can start talking about HTTP tunnelling!!!!!

      Duncan Cragg

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          Peter Antman Expert

          Well, if you look at the JMS spec (or is it on the JMS pages at sun), they quite clearly state that JMS is for intra-net,since a lot of the suff neede for it to work ouside of the corporate domain is missing. Here JAXM is the key (wich JBoss is still missing).


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            Duncan Cragg Newbie

            Agreed about JAXM - I was just about to reply to myself to comment on it but you got in first.

            As to JMS, several commercial implementations support HTTP tunnelling. JMS and JAXM solve slightly different problems. If you're really good buddies with someone and share lots of code, you'll want JMS through a firewall, otherwise be circumspect and haul in ten-ton JAXM...