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    Can Publishing to a topic be done in a transaction?

    Narinder Singh Deonia Newbie

      Hi All

      This may seem to be a stupid question, but I have following situation.

      I am working in a workflow product, which uses EJB in middle tier. We have a requirement to send notifications to other products by any messaging service. I have chosen JMS for that.
      Now, My problem is I want to send a message whenever workflow advances. Suppose it is like follows...

      mark activity 'a' as complete
      send message 'a' is complete
      start next activity(s)
      send message for each of them....

      Now I want that all four of above operations should be performed in a transaction... i.e. messages should only be sent if updating in database succeeds.

      Can I do that in JMS & EJB?
      Or I have to look for other alternatives instead of JMS.

      Thanks in advance for any help