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    JBossMQ performance problem

    M.Mustonen Newbie

      I have a JMS setup of 1-4 publishers(non-persistent messages), 1 (non-durable)subscriber, msg ttl=5 sec, and all machines in the same ethernet subnet.

      I have been experiencing maximum message throughput rate of 20-25 msgs/sec with all jbossmq standalone (jbossmq-1.0.0-Beta-2), jboss2.4.4 and jboss3.0 alpha using RMI, UIL and OIL settings.

      OpenJMS gives rates of 500-800 msgs/sec with the same setup but has other disadvantages.

      I need to get the throughput up to 500 msg/sec, preferably with jbossmq. What can I do?

      My system runs in Linux RH7.2
      , and I have been using SUN JVMs vesions 1.3 and 1.4.

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          Peter Antman Expert

          Sounds strange. From my expercience JBossMQ is faster that that, but probably not 500 msg/sec. I would say 10ms per message would not be to uncommon wich would make 100ms/s the normal throughput.


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            Loren Rosen Newbie

            I assume you're letting the test run long enough
            to be sure you're not measuring overhead from
            class-loading, JIT invocation, etc.

            The simple testing I've done showed response
            time in the 10-30 ms range. Perhaps there is
            some particular aspect of your test which is
            exposing some inefficiency in JBossMQ. For
            example, are you using message selectors?
            Does receive() make a difference compared
            to receive(timeout)? Are the messages
            themselves large?

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              Raj Saini Newbie

              I am also facing the performace issue. My requirment is minimal and it is 10 messages per second. I am using non durable topics with MDBs and web side clients as consumers. Message flow is basically a stock quote feed from a server.

              In my tests the Jboss consumes all of the memory with in few hours (I have 512 MB RAM) and then start the caching the message on disk.

              Am I doing any thing worng in configuring the JBoss? Why the messages are not purged after consumption by the subsribers?

              Any help will be apriciated.


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                Hiram Chirino Expert

                Were you using selectors??? A recent bug has been found that might have fixed your problem.


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                  Ivan N. Zhidov Newbie

                  Have you tried to use IBM VM for Linux. I heard it is _much_ fatser than Sun's?

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                    Gang Cheng Newbie

                    I have the same issue. The performance of JBossMQ on Windows and on a Sun Solaris machine are significantly
                    different. Here is the benchmark I did:

                    1 publisher, persistent mode, publish 512-byte text message as soon as possible to a topic. The publisher program runs
                    on a separate JVM from the JBoss/JBossMQ server.
                    The default RollingLogger is used.

                    5 durable subscribers, each using a unique connection and
                    session. All 5 subscribers running in 5 different threads of a JVM that is different from the JBoss/JBossMQ server.
                    After recieved an message, it drops it as soon as possible
                    so that there is little processing there.

                    The throughput is measured solely on the subscriber side
                    over a time of 10 minutes.
                    JBoss is 2.4.4, SUN JDK 1.3.1_02.

                    On an Intel Pentimum III, single CPU, 700 MHz, 512MB RAM, Windows 2000, the throughput is ~400 messages/s. I observed ~90% CPU ultilization during the run.

                    On a Sun E220R, dual CPUs, 1GB RAM, the throughput is
                    ~50 messages/s. I saw only 4% CPU ultilization.

                    Can someone explain why the performance/throughput is
                    so different ? I have done a similar benchmarking
                    on the JBoss EJB components on the two systems, the difference is very little.


                    --- Gang

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                      preeti dave Newbie

                      we faced a similar problem, the performance improved when we used the tcp_nodelay option (Niguels algorithm0added in jboss 3.0 .

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                        preeti dave Newbie

                        we faced a similar problem, the performance improved when we used the tcp_nodelay option (Niguels algorithm0added in jboss 3.0 .

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                          Gang Cheng Newbie

                          How to use the tcp_nodelay option ? Can you configure it
                          via Solaris or JBoss 3 settings ? Thanks.

                          --- Gang

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                            Priya Vasudevan Newbie

                            Can anyone explain how to using JBossMQ into jBoss 2.4.4. How is the config etc done