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    mediaOutput does not render

    keith bannister Newbie

      Hi there,

      I'm trying to render an mpeg video using a:mediaOutput.

      The following worked statically in firefox:

      <object width="425" height="350"

      So all I thought I needed was a data and type attribute.

      When I'm using ajax4jsf 3.1.2.GA with SEAM 2.0.0.GA I have

      <a:mediaOutput id="videoOutput" element="object" cacheable="false" session="true"
       createContent="#{videoGetter.createStream}" value="#{videoData}"
       mimeType="video/mpeg" codetype="video/mpeg" type="video/mpeg"
       standby="loading data"
       title="Video of DOOM"/>

      But the html rendered to my browser (firefox) doesn't have the "type" attribute, instead it has

      <object id="j_id61:videoOutput" data="TestProj/a4j_3_1_2.GAorg.ajax4jsf.resource.UserResource/n/s/-1662382439/DATA/eAF9Us1r1...." title="Video of DOOM"></object>

      From what I could tell of the code, it looks like MediaOutputRender.java only outputs the element, the source URI attribute, the styles (class and style), and the standard HTML pass thru

      public static final String[] PASS_THRU = {
       // DIR_ATTRIBUTE,
       "accesskey", "alt", "cols", "height", "lang", "longdesc",
       "maxlength", "onblur", "onchange", "onclick", "ondblclick",
       "onfocus", "onkeydown", "onkeypress", "onkeyup", "onload",
       "onmousedown", "onmousemove", "onmouseout", "onmouseover",
       "onmouseup", "onreset", "onselect", "onsubmit", "onunload",
       "rows", "size", "tabindex", "title", "width", "dir", "rules",
       "frame", "border", "cellspacing", "cellpadding", "summary",
       "bgcolor", "usemap", "enctype", "accept-charset", "accept",
       "target", "charset", "coords", "hreflang", "rel", "rev",
       "shape", "disabled", "readonly", "ismap", "align"

      Am I using completely the wrong library to do video? Has anyone a way of simply rendering an object with a servlet URL using JSF?