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    JBoss and Samba/DNS (BIND8)

    Chester Chee Newbie


      Has anyone been using JBoss server with Samba/DNS (BIND8)running on the same server? My window JMS clients on the network keep throwing ConnectionException and thinking it is trying to connection to Originally I thought this is the problem with the JMS client application, but when I have another Linux machine running the exactly same version/configuration/application EJB/MDB components and have Windows JMS client connect to it, JMS client works fine. The only different between these two machines is Samba/DNS(BIND8). The one keep giving JMS client ConnectionException has Samba/DNS installed. I have experimented with Samba service disabled, but it yield the same result. Any enlightenment is greatly appreciated.

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          Chester Chee Newbie

          After some digging, the problem was caused by /etc/hosts on the JBoss server.
          Basically, when you install Red Hat Linux, even though you gave it
          a hostname, and IP address for the corresponding hostname. Your
          /etc/hosts will have the following content:

 jboss localhost.localdomain localhost

          instead of

 localhost localhost.localdomain
 jboss jboss.yourdomain

          Hope this will help those who ran into the same problem running
          JBoss application server on Red Hat Linux.