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    updated-jar in jboss deploy director doesnt take effect?

    Dion Newbie

      hi all,

      please help me,
      i make a MDB java classes, jar it (i give it name mtstatus.jar), then deploy it by copying to $JBOSS_HOME%/deploy, then I call it, it works because
      it generates some System.out.println ("updated on 1614")message on the onMessage() method that i put in the MDB class.

      Then I make modification to the MDB java class, replace the "updated on 1614" with "updated on 1620"
      re-jar it again with the same name, re-deploy it again, then call it, but what i have is really supring, it still prints "updated on 1614" instead of "updated on 1620".

      I've tried all the possible combination that I have in mind. I stop the jboss first, then delete the jar from $JBOSS_HOME%/deploy and also delete $JBOSS_HOME%/deploy/Default/mtstatusman.jar, then I re deploy the jar, but it still has no effect.

      Is there anyone else who's got this behaviour?
      Please help..
      I'm using JBoss-2.4.4 under Windows 2000.

      Thanks a lot.