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    writing a JMS client application in jbuilder5

    Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper Newbie

      As the subject says, I'm using JBuilder5 to write an application that needs to do JMS messaging as part of its core functionality. I'm planning on using JBoss as my JMS server. My question is, how exactly do I go about bringing all of the needed libraries to do this into JBuilder?

      In a related question, it seems that while JBuilder5 will let you write JMS applications (even helps create skeleton code, etc.), it doesn't know where to find javax.jms.*, which is needed to compile and run it. Does this not come with JBuilder? Do I need to get the j2eesdk and include its libraries in my JBuilder dependency tree? Or am I supposed to pull in JBoss libraries and classes to do this?

      I'm assuming the latter is true, and if so, I've not found any help on how exactly to do this. Note: I am NOT deploying beans to a server, nor do I need server-side debugging. I am writing a stand-alone application that needs to use JMS messaging as part of its functionality.

      Please help me understand this black magic. =:)