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    JBoss 3.0 (tomcat) beta - NullPointer Exception in JMS

    CW Johnson Newbie

      When I lookup a client in JBoss 3.0 Beta (with tomcat)
      I get the following error:

      An exception occured while testing HelloPublisher: java.lang.NullPointerException


      at jmstutorial1.HelloSub.(HelloSub.java:64)

      at jmstutorial1.HelloSub.main(HelloSub.java:126)

      It appears to be making a connection to the server, because my logging code indicates a successful connection.. It is only when I go to look up
      TopicConnectionFactory topicFactory = (TopicConnectionFactory)context.lookup("ConnectionFactory");

      that I get the above error. I've tried the same code
      only changing it to TopicConnectionFactory and it ran fine on JBoss 2.4

      Any tips? suggestions?


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          Jos Dirksen Newbie

          Sorry to bounce this back to the top, but I;m having the same problem.

          Just installed Jboss3rc1 and when running code which ran fine on Jboss2.4.4 it now produces a nullpointer exception when run on JBoss3rc1.

          The problem occurs:
          TopicConnectionFactory topCon = (TopicConnectionFactory)m_context.lookup(m_topicConnectionFactoryName);

          No namingexceptions, no other exceptions. But the returned TopicConnectionFactory is null, anybody any clues of why that is?