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    Please answer the JDBC Persistence Problem, don't be ESCAPE

    leo Newbie

      I now using JBoss 2.4.4 bundle. However, the JBOSSMQ doesn't work when using JDBC Persistence store on mysql and I been post my questions before but no one answered!!!. I have got through the whole forum and many people has araised the same questions but I DON'T KNOW WHY NO ONE ANSWER OR RESPONSE TO THIS KIND OF QUESTIONS ON JDBC PERSISTENCE STORE. If JBoss wanna provide a compatible open source application server in the market. PLEASE RESPECT EVERY PIECE OF QUESTIONS IN THE FORUM AS THOSE ALL ARE VALUABLE ASSET FOR OPEN SRC DEVELOPMENT. The worse is I been purchased your JBoss document and I wanna to donate my limited supported but the response from the forum disappointed me very much indeed

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          Jason Dillon Newbie

          Questions like this do not lend themselves to a response.

          First, stop yelling. It only makes you sound like an ass.

          Second, understand it takes time for developers and experts to filter through the fourms, pick questions and form helpful responses.

          Third, think more about what you say before you write it. Your comments here about compatibility are completly unfounded.

          * * *

          If you want to help and you have found a problem then fix it.

          I do not know why you are having problems with the JDBC persistence. I do know that if you persist with your attitude that you will never find the solution.


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            leo Newbie


            first of all, I apologize for any impoliteness. I voice out like this is because I been searched for the forum since Jan,2002 and many questions about JDBC persistence store but no any response up-to-date. I not mind the experts need time to answer the questions but at least the questions themselves seemed to be unattended by anyone. Honestly, there been many questions been posted everyday and I really afraid my questions will be forget by the JBoss Group and no reply or feedback also as times goes by.
            I really sorry if I trouble you, thks