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    How do I implement non-durable subcriber

    Nitin Newbie

      Hi All,

      Here is the scenario-
      I am creating non-durable subscriber , by
      implementing following steps
      a) Initialize subscriber
      b) Create publisher
      c) Once the publisher start writing on Destination , subscriber starts reading it forcefully which is implicit.
      d) If once message is published ,application is over , connection gets closed , so there should be a provision to set connection and sustain that connection even the application is over , so if next time if application is executed for non-durable subcriber and if message is not subscribed earlier then test should subcribe message from the connection ( i.e read from destination).

      This application gives me , implementation of non-durable subscriber similar to durable application.

      Here is the limitation for me :
      I don't want to use topic connection with durable subcriber.

      -Thanks In Advance