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    Multiple Client MDB's/Jboss instances, single Server destina

    Stephen Mahony Newbie

      Hi there,

      Basically, my setup is that I have a single JBoss machine (the server) with a Queue(MyQ).. I then have multiple remote JBOss instances (the clients) that have Message Driven Bean deployed on these client machines that subscribe as DURABLE subscibers to MyQ. That is the idea anyway..

      My problem is ,
      1. how do I tell the client JBoss instances of the existence of MyQ on the Server?
      2. how do I tell the MDB's deployed on the Jboss clients of the MyQ?

      from the threads I take it that the RemoteJmsX provider setup in the jboss.jcml file will setup "MyRemoteProvider" and ... but inside the JBoss.xml and ejb-jar.xml files for the MDB's I came stuck convincing the MDB's to be deployed ..etc..

      using an MDB the container actually does the JNDI lookup for the JMS session/connection etc.. and all that based on info in the configuration files...
      My Problem: I cannot (or am unsure) on how to use <resource-manager> declarations in the JBOSS.xml (and ejb-jar.xml) files... to specify the <jndi-name-declaratio> tag in the <message-driven> bean tag ...

      Any insight would be MOST welcome..

      many thanks
      Steve Mahony