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    Unwanted MessageCache Files

    Mike Durand Newbie


      I am using JBossMQ version "1.0.0Beta(Dev)" with topics and non-durable subscribers. It meets my needs nicely - thank you very much for such a nice product!

      The problem I'm seeing is that after I send a few thousand messages through the server the MessageCache starts creating a file for every message sent and never removes these files after the messages are delivered.

      It's my understanding that the MessageCache is supposed to keep undelivered messages in memory until the "MaxMemoryMark" is reached and then it stores them on disk until they are delivered. What I'm seeing is that all of my (non-durable) subscribers are receiving the messages, but the MessageCache never purges them after delivery.

      I set the MessageCache's "HighMemoryMark" and "MaxMemoryMark" values to 10 MB and 20 MB, respectively in order to avoid the OutOfMemory exception that several users have reported. It was after this change that the thousands of files began to appear on the server machine.

      I've experimented with changing the persistence of the messages to "DeliveryMode.NON_PERSISTENT" and also tried chaging the "timeToLive" of the message and neither has had any effect.

      If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it.


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          Raj Saini Newbie

          I am experiencing exactly the same problem I have the setup like you but the messages after consumption are never removed from the memory and when the highMemory mark is reached there are put on the disk and never cleaned.

          I have created my non durable topic from the testTopic sample as described int he Jboss 3.0 RC1, jbossmq-destination-servcies.xml. There is also a example of the durable test topic. I dont find any difference in the two topics. Am I using a durable topic? If yes how can I create a non durable topic?



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            Stephen Kendorski Newbie

            I've got the same problem: JBoss 3.0.0 JBossMQ, 1 non-durable test-topic, multiple publishers and subscribers (using selectors). With really low (or zero) High/MaxMemoryMark values, CPU usage is way-up and messaging performance is awful, uping the values just postpones the problem. I am just unzipping the download, using the default server and running. Nothing fancy.

            How do I get JBossMQ to run for an extended period without a performance hit cleaning up non-persistent maessages.

            I tried using the "rollinglogged" PersistenceManager but on Server start-up of jbossmq-service.xml I get a:
            DeploymentException, unable to locate method for: getInstance(), etc. What am I missing here?