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    Sending to queues on another machine

    Dmitri Colebatch Newbie

      hey all,

      I've been given a requirement to send messages to a queue on a different machine. What I want to check, is what the 'proper' way of locating that queue is. Obviously I can do a JNDI lookup, specifying full details of the queue on the other boss (another JBoss instance), and presumably have those details configurable.

      However, It would seem 'more j2ee' to simply look the queue up in java:comp/env/jms/QueueOnOtherMachine, and through configuration files create that bind.

      So, if I were to submit a patch for org.jboss.naming.NamingAlias that essentially allowed the host, and other details to be specified for the toLink, would this work?

      What I'd like to do is get in a situation where I could just remove a queue from jboss.jcml, and replace it with a naming alias to another box, and have everything work, but messages sent to the now aliased queue would go to the other box.