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    JMS with JBossMQ over high latency links


      Hi, guys

      I am wondering if this should be posted to jboss-dev as well. We are trying to run an MDB that listens to a Topic on a remote JMS provider which resides across a high latency link. The behaviour we encountered was that with relatively high load (about 10 or so messages/sec) the delay for all messages to reach the MDB gets to be very, very large. (We are using the 'fastest' of the IL -- OIL)

      I dug into the Source and realized that, perhaps, this is due to the fact that all methods that ServerIL and ClientIL interfaces expose end up being synchronized because in OIL you have to stuff everything down a single socket. On high latency links this is a killer. I am wondering how much work would it involve to write an extended OIL which can use a socket pool or something of that sort to multiplex communications better.

      What do you say?

      Anatoly Akkerman.