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    Server runs under 1.4, client 1.3 j2se

    Alexander K. Newbie


      Is this a bug:
      1. If jboss is started with j2se 1.4 and j2ee 1.3.1, then only clients started with j2se 1.4 may use JMS, those with older runtime version will get
      at statagent.HelloReceiver.main(statagent/HelloReceiver.java:169)
      linked exception is:
      java.net.SocketException: Option unsupported by protocol: no further information
      <...stack backtrace...>

      2. If jboss is started with j2se 1.3 and j2ee 1.3.1, then all clients work fine.

      I haven't tested other combinations, but there might be problems as well.

      Platform - Win NT, same host both for server and client.