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    Strange ClassCastException

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      I have a problem with JBoss-2.4.4_Tomcat-4.0.1:
      I have a stateless session bean that sends a receive simple java object using jms Queue (see remote interface below). I use jsps and servlets to call those business methods for sending and receiving a simple serializable object (Stock). The bean was able to send and receive the object correctly, however when I try to use the Stock object in my jsp, I get a ClassCastException. The jsp that I have simply prints out the class name of the object I received from the bean (which actually showed the it had received a Stock object), and then try to cast it to a Stock object (see listing below) but this failed.

      I deployed my application as a .ear (with the session bean packaged as a .jar, and the webapp as a .war). Both the .jar and .war file contains references to the Stock.class.

      Thanks ...

      public interface QueuePublisher extends EJBObject{

      public void send(java.io.Serializable object)throws RemoteException;
      public Collection receive() throws RemoteException;
      public class Stock implements java.io.Serializable{

      String _symbol = null;
      String _name = null;
      float _price;

      public Stock(){}
      public Stock(String symbol, String name){
      _symbol = symbol;
      _name = name;

      public String getSymbol(){ return _symbol; }
      public String getName(){ return _name; }
      public float getPrice(){ return _price; }

      public void setSymbol(String symbol){ _symbol = symbol; }
      public void setName(String name){ _name = name;}
      public void setPrice(float price){ _price = price; }

      my jsp
      for(Iterator iterator = quotes.iterator(); iterator.hasNext(); ){
      Object object = iterator.next();
      out.print("Class: " + object.getClass().getName());
      Stock stock = (Stock)object;