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    Issues with MDB request/replies in 3.0.0beta?

    Gerald Hewes Newbie

      I was trying to send replies from messages sent
      to an MDB to a temporary queue
      created in the producer client (an MDB itself).

      But this does not appear to work for me.
      On the producer side, waiting for the reply
      always timed out (10,000 ms wait, - the consummer
      MDB is done with it's work and sends it's reply
      back in about 3s according to log information).
      The log filed showed that the reply was correctly
      sent back (no errors) but the receiver does not seem
      to see it.

      As far as I can tell, I have coded the consummer
      MDB following the common examples out there on
      the net.

      The receive code use on the producer side looks like:

      replyQueue = qSes.createTemporaryQueue();

      sender = qSes.createSender(queue);

      // Now send it off
      String xmlStr = message.toXmlString();
      TextMessage msg = qSes.createTextMessage(xmlStr);

      // Now wait for response
      replyReceiver = qSes.createReceiver(replyQueue);
      javax.jms.Message replyMsg =
      if (null == replyMsg) {
      sLog.error("Did not receive a reply for " + message);

      } else {

      Nothing obvious appears in the log files.

      I have since replaced the temporary queue, with
      a permanent queue and have a third MDB wait on the
      responses (not a bad change since now I don't
      need to wait for the reply) and it all works
      fine. The code on the consummer MDB has not
      changed (since it sends the reply to
      replyQueue = (Queue)aMsg.getJMSReplyTo() )

      My reply queue is now set using
      replyQueue = (Queue)ctx.lookup("queue/messagestatus");
      On the producer side.

      Anybody else run into similar problems?
      Gievn I'm probably going to stick wih the
      permanent reply queue I'm probably not going to
      spend a lot more time on solving the
      reply/request to a temporary queue problem.

      Anyway I'm not sure if I ran into a bug, or simply
      did something wrong. Maybe worth saying that
      my consummer MDB creates a new JMS session
      for each reply (in a method called from
      onMesage() so that I close the session as soon
      as I'm done with the sending). This is different
      from the many samples I have seen out there that
      create/destroy the session in ejbCreate()/ejbRemove()
      and hold onto it.

      Things I was concerned about is a missunderstanding
      of the transaction semantics on my part (somehow the reply was
      rolled back so although it appeared to be correctly
      sent it was never 'delivered').
      Or the fact that I close
      the session immediately after sending the reply and the temporary queue is
      not persistent (but the temporary queue lifetime
      should be controlled by the original producer,
      not by the session used to send the reply).