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    Jboss MQ configration to handle 5-10 message per soconds

    Raj Saini Newbie

      I have been testing the JBoss 3.0 RC1. I am using the JBossMQ as my JMS server. My primary need is to get the feed from the stock exchange and update the web server layer or the Database from the message.

      The message flow is 5-10 messages per second. The size of the message is very small. (around 256 bytes).

      I am using a no durable topic (I configured from the Jboss-destination-serice.xml samples, are the non durable topics?). I have 10 MDBs subscribing to these topic and one JMS client at JSP/servlets)

      During my tests I found that the JBoss goes out of memory after few hours. I have change the High memory mark and Max memory mark to restrict the message cache memory. This has solved the problem of Jboss going out of memory, but I founf that there were thousands of messages cached on the disk. which had virtally made the feed very slow.

      Can some one suggest me please which way I should configure my jbossmq and destination so that the message flow (5-10 message per second) are consumed and so that there will not be any message caching.

      Looking forward for a kind help.

      Raj Saini