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    RollingLogged Files

    Corby Page Newbie

      Our app, which employs a moderate amount of messaging, uses the RollingLogged File Persistence Manager under JBoss 2.4.4. The queue files grow over time and never shrink, apparently keeping some record of every message ever processed by the queue.

      This would not be a problem, except that when the PersistenceManager service starts, it apparently parses all of these files. After a few weeks of operation, the PersistenceManager takes over a minute to start up, when starting the JBoss server. Over the long term, this will prove to be less than scalable.

      I don't have the option of removing the files while the server is running, because it has locks on the files. Is this issue addressed in the new version of JBossMQ that comes with 3.0? If not, are there any suggested workarounds for this issue (other than remembering to purge the files when the production server needs to be restarted)?