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    JMS 1.02b and JBossMQ ??

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      I am currently evaluating JBoss 3.0 as an alternative
      AppServer to WebLogic 6.1/7.0 for our companies newest product. One of our requirements is JMS 1.02b especially
      as it relates to item 10 in the Specification Errata:


      "After first paragraph, insert:
      If there are messages that have been received but not acknowledged when a TopicSession terminates, a durable TopicSubscriber must retain and redeliver them; a nondurable subscriber need not do so.

      1.0 of JBossMQ appears to meet our 1.02 needs in all other areas, but I cannot find anywhere that would let me know if it adheres to this portion of JMS 1.02b ...
      If anyone could let me know the answer to this question I would b much obliged.

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          Hiram Chirino Expert

          Yes.. it should respect that part of the spec. Do you have a testcase that shows that it does not??


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            No test case, and no implication that JBossMQ does not meet 1.02b ... it is merely that the available docs say that JBossMQ adheres to JMS 1.02 and the developer working on the JMS aspects of my companies new version specified that any app server we use must follow the design as further detailed by 1.02b, which he said was at least a 50% probability whether or not they had explicitly modded to 1.02b