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    MDBs handling messages from SonicMQ located on separate box

    Calvin Newbie

      I was wondering if this was possible. It must be but after searching through the JBoss book and the forum, I haven't seen anyone do or ask about this yet. I've seen how some people have replaced JBossMQ with SonicMQ but this isn't what I want to do.

      I want to leave the default JBoss JMS server in place. However, I want to have some MDBs handle messages that are posted onto a SonicMQ queue on a separate box. Basically, I have SonicMQ running on box1 and JBoss running on box 2 with some MDBs that have subscribed
      themselves to handle messages on the Sonic queue on box 1.

      If this is possible, I'd appreciate any help or related experiences. Thanks guys.