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    Can I do this?

    Etiénne Labuschagne Newbie

      I must decide which message queue software (preferably non-commercial) I must use for a distributed app. and JMS seems to be a good choice with JBoss as J2EE server.

      I need guaranteed message delivery to the recipient which may be several machines away, eg.

      Three machines A,B,C
      All three have JBoss running on them.
      The queues on A, B and C must act as one queue.
      If I publish a message at A then it must arrive at C where there are subscribers for this type of message.
      This must happen even though B or C may be switched off at time of publishing. If the message lies and wait at A,B or C and that machine dies (power outage, etc.) then my message must survive the outage.

      In short:
      Queues on multiple machines act as one queue
      Queues sits on top of persistant storage
      Queues handles retries in case of network/server outage

      Can this be done with JBoss as my J2EE server? If I know that this can be done, I will buy the docs and get going!