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    Support for Seam's s:link?

    Tom N Newbie

      Hi --

      I have data tables that contain s:links; the links call an action to display a form (on the same page) to edit the data from that row. But from what I've gathered, the A4J stuff all works on form POSTs, not GETs? So does that mean I have to pepper <h:form> tags all over the place wherever I need an AJAX link?

      More directly -- how can I get an s:link to perform an AJAX request when there is no form?


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          Tom N Newbie

          This problem issue seems deeper than I thought...

          So if you don't want to hit form validation, you have to put the "immediate=true" attribute in your all of your a4j:commandLinks or commandButtons, right? But all of my links have to be inside some sort of form too, right? (since A4J doesn't support async GETs)

          Now think about the most common actions you would do when working w/ a data-driven site:
          - Add (show a form for a new item)
          - Edit
          - Update
          - Delete
          - Cancel

          Of those, Update is the only one that will actually post back form data. So I have to put that immediate attribute on every other button or link, or risk getting invalid data errors?

          The only other option I can think of is to keep my "real" forms separate from my 'AJAX link' forms... Which isn't always possible.

          Am I missing something, or is that really how it is? For that matter, is it really that way in plain JSF??

          Back to my original question -- Is there some way to allow A4J to support Seam's s:link?