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    JbossMQ & MQSeries integration

    Christian Holliday Newbie

      I have read the MQSeries/JBoss MDB/3rd Party Messaging thread but I have some additional questions.

      I have Jboss-2.4.5.RC3 installed and working on a Red Hat 7.1 machine. Our company is starting to implement IBM MQSeries everywhere and I am going to have it installed on our DEC Alpha. I want to use MQSeries as my main communication link between our linux machine and our Alpha. The Alpha we be in charge of reporting to our IBM mainframe business system. The client for MQSeries does not queue up messages if it cannot contact the server so I would have to develop some way to queue up messages from our linux machine. If I integrate MQSeries into Jboss will I have queueing if the MQSeries server is down? We currently use DEC MessageQ everywhere in our Alpha environment, so I looked into BEA MessageQ but it's Java front end was entirely too expensive. But another department uses BEA MessageQ on their linux machine using C, is something available for me to integrate BEA MessageQ? And can I use Jboss-2.4.5.RC3? Jboss-3.0.* is listed as beta and I am in a production environment. Any help will be really appreciated.