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    why does JBoss creates a temporary queue

    Patricia Canela Newbie


      I´m trying to create a MD Bean, and I thought it would be easier.

      When I deploy my beans, this is the message I see:

      "[WARN,JMSContainerInvoker] destination not found: queue/RQListener reason: javax
      .naming.NameNotFoundException: RQListener not bound
      [WARN,JMSContainerInvoker] creating a new temporary destination: queue/RQListener"

      But in jboss.jcml I have :


      And in the jboss.xml file I really defined my queue with the name "RQ":

      <configuration-name>Standard Message Driven Bean</configuration-name>

      Has you can see, my bean's name is RQListener, wich is 'connected' to the RQ queue.
      Why doesn´t JBoss detect RQ queue and , instead, generates one temporary whith the bean's name RQListener?